12 New Year Technologies-new year technology

12 New Year Technologies

12 New Year Technologies: Technologies can be an assortment of skills and methods, processes or techniques used for the invention or production of goods, services or in the execution of objectives, for instance, scientific analysis.

It could also be defined as any application of science to achieve a function. Advancement of technology helps human to integrate liberally on the global scale.

History of technology: The technological history is the history of innovation of tools and techniques.

When we talk about the foundation of technology, it begins with the beginning of life on earth, for instance, stone, fire etc., and goes until the establishment of early modern technologies, for instance, computer, nuclear power etc.

Advantages of technologies: Today, people cannot imagine living without technologies such as mobile phones, computers and so on.

These technologies are now an essential part of people’s lives. Few of the advantages of technologies are

  • Treatment and lifesaving of sick people.
  • Inventions of computers and enhanced communication.
  • Safe social and personal security.
  • Increased productivity of almost every industry in the world.
  • Payments with bitcoin instead of banks.
  • Advancements in agricultural and industrial work.
  • Time savage.
  • Growth in artificial intelligence.
12 New Year Technologies-new year technology
12 New Year Technologies-new year technology

Future technologies:

Artificial embryos, floating farms, in vitro meat production, the blockchain, Artificial intelligence (AI) etc are all the types of emerging future technologies which are used to shape our lives.

  1. Artificial embryos: No egg, no sperm, just cells grabbed from another embryo. Redefining how life can be produced? It is opening the research gate of early moments of a human life. It also opens the ethical horizons. A big question related to the Islamic ethics and the artificial embryo appears.
  2. 3-D metal printing: Create lighter, stronger, and complex parts and shapes which aren’t possible with conventional metal fabrication methods. It provides more specific control of the metals at the microstructure level.3D metal printing is distinctively advantageous for toy and jewelry industries.
  • Blockchain: Blockchain can be used for shopping security, either online or in person. People are being motivated to make more secure transactions through crypto-currency, which is becoming conventional, rather than just atrial. It also enables users a better management of time and resources. There will be a continuous increase in attractiveness of blockchain.


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Recently a new technique in artificial intelligence (AI) called Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) is giving machines vision.AI helps in advance online verification process. Imagine how CAPTCHA technology works? It requires genuine people to detect objects in granular photos. That means an authenticity for secure online browsing.


  • Babel-Fish Earbuds (Pixel Earbuds): Glide a Babel fish into the ear to get translations. In the real world, Google has come up with an interim solution called Pixel Buds. The requirements for pixel bud are Pixel smartphones and Google Translate application to produce a real-time translation of any language.


  • Genetic Fortune-Telling: Soon everybody will be given a full fledge genetics biodata. That biodata will be containing forecasts. Forecasts about the probabilities of having a heart attack, cancer, being addicted to tobacco, or being smarter than average people.
  • Quantum Leap: The new viewpoint of influential quantum computers is like a jigsaw. These computers will be capable of incredible computational achievements with today’s machines. Effective drugs, novel electrolytes for better batteries, compounds directly converting into a liquid fuel in sunlight, and much more efficient solar cells all are dreamed by the consumers due to this useful quantum computer.
  • High-resolution Bionic eyes: They are now accessible for patients with degenerative vision loss. Bionic eyes continue to improve in superiority over subsequent decades. There is a rapid progress in resolution and visual quality in it. They (artificial eyes) are ultimately developed and provide better vision than normal healthy eyes. This quality forces people with normal eyes to “upgrade” their sight.


  • Connected vehicle technology: With the advancement of technology, the internet is fully involved in our personal lives. Similarly, the vehicles are also connected to the internet. Further upgrade of technology will be added by adding wireless connections between all the vehicles. Using an amalgamation of Wi-Fi and GPS signals, they are now able to alert drivers to potential dangers or obstructions. By interconnecting with each other and the roadway arrangement, cars have greater and improved safety, while traffic blocking and carbon productions are abridged. This connected vehicle technology is so useful that in some countries, accident drop by 80%. It is soon becoming obligatory, due to the economic and safety benefits. This technology had already begun to appear on heavy vehicles, a few years earlier. Currently, passenger cars are also using it.


  • Automated transport: Driverless driving, an advanced form of traveling. These vehicles are expert of traveling hundreds of miles on their own, negotiating traffic and hindrances using progressive GPS technologies. Such vehicles can be operated for 24 hours a day without being tired, never being absent, and not even training and salary is required. These automated vehicles will sooner or later include cars, taxis and other types of road vehicles.


  • Floating farms: According to UN prediction there will be two billion more people in the world by 2050. This ultimately results in increased demand for food and decreased or limited surface area to grow or cultivate vegetables. An idea by architect Javier Ponce of forwarding Thinking Architecture shows a 24m-tall, three-storied structure with solar panels on the topmost story to provide energy. The middle story grows a variety of vegetables over an area of 51,000m2, without using soil. The nutrients are obtained from the liquid. These nutrients and plants would drop into the last bottom story to feed fishes, which are farmed in abounded space.
  • Lab-grown meat: Nowadays scientist is performing experiments on meat in the laboratories. They are experimenting on culturing meat in the lab. Meat developed from cultured cells could cut the environmental costs of generating meat and eliminate the unethical behavior of hurting the animals that are raised for the food purpose especially. But still, that is against Islamic ethics.

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