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5 Best Pc Games in 2018:

Today I will tell you about 5 best pc games of 2018 of the era and you will know most of the untold secrets of the gaming world.

5 Best Pc Games in 2018

1: Tekken 7:

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Bandai Namco

Tekken 7 is a worthy sequel with a lot of modes but also an exciting continuation of the story. We find new characters that have the unique styles that make them unique and look a little like other wrestlers in the series.

The steadily correct and balanced battle system along with the new Rage Art are among the most essential pieces of Tekken 7 that prove to be a Fighting game that deserves to belong to e Sports.

The graphics impress with colors, detail and special effects on specific slopes and cut scenes.

Online mode gives us the opportunity to have good fighting experiences with players around the world and of course to take part in tournaments.

As for the VR track, the owners of the PlayStation VR can try it, but you will hardly prefer it compared to PS4’s usual 1534×864 and 60fps resolution.

The PS4 Pro usually is 1080p. Overall, the Tekken 7 offers a well-structured battle on the eighth-generation consoles and, of course, the Tekken experience of the series.

We spent a lovely time playing Tekken 7, we appreciated the innovations but also what remained the same without unnecessary changes.

If you are a fan of Fighting and the Tekken series, we strongly recommend it.

2: Uncharted The Lost Legacy


Naughty Dog, Sony

The spin-off of the Uncharted series went to a different story, with dynamic Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross starring.

It does not differ significantly from Uncharted 4, it includes the same combat mechanisms, with the addition of lock picking and some weapons.

History, however, we liked and classic in some places everything is done at the edge of the razor.

It is a successful stand-alone expansion of the series, which performs just as well as the official editions that cost twice the money.

If you are satisfied with Uncharted 4 and are thirsty for more missions on the same pattern then get it with closed eyes.

The story of Chloe and Nadine will keep you up to the end. We may not find some innovation in the game play, but Naughty Dog’s new work honors his money with the above.

unfortunately this game is only for Sony PlayStation.

3: FIFA 18:

PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PS3, Xbox 360

EA Sports

The new Journey mode in Alex Hunter’s second season continues with even stronger scenarios and new faces, and the Ultimate Team has added a host of goals.

Transfers to Career mode are made in 3D and with many negotiation stages, while the defense system has changed and timing is now playing.

In the negative, however, arbitration is miserable in the penalty shootout, foul and sideways, the annotation is repeated, A.I. issues when playing with a player and there is a lag in some online games.

For every fan of football, and in particular the Fifa series, this year’s edition is a remarkable market.

It offers a new The Journey mode that will win you with his story, hard-to-carry transitions in Career mode, the right system of defense, thus fewer injustices in single-player and multiplayer and finally an Ultimate Team in which … you will camp.

As for the core of its gameplay, we do not find any unrealistic additions to an already-worked handler, while A.I. of your teammates (whom EA has hidden “debuff” and we do not know it) hopefully will not cause you to break a controller.

4: Cup head:

PC, Xbox One

Studio MDHR

The Surprise of the Year. An indie platform inspired by comic books of the 1930s. Central heroes are two young brothers with a cup head, Cuphead, and Mugman.

They use their finger to shoot, they can slide in the air and encounter tough enemies, including bosses. The art style and music will make you feel like you are a protagonist in the cartoon.

The phrase “happy ending” comes to mind by gathering in our minds the unique experiences we untied from Cup head.

It’s the best way out of reality for cartoons and action friends, a purebred masterpiece.

His kinship with the world of beloved cinema designs opens the doors for the younger players to explore him as soon as possible and the older ones to revisit him. Its honest game play is easy to learn but is difficult to conquer with the result that the player gets out of an experience.

5:Divinity: Original Sin II:

PC Larian Studios

An RPG that offers you great freedom in character customization, choosing skills regardless of class.

The story is of great interest and will delight fans of pen and paper games. In the game, you control up to four characters in a party, which you choose along the way.

Battle has a tactical element, there are 11 slots for all kinds of equipment and the quests and loot offer a great reward, as well as the duration, rewards your investment.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a diamond in its kind, an RPG which is characterized by freedom of customization, deep immersion, rich history, character development and as long as role-playing allows today’s technology.

It is unreservedly recommended to both classic and P & P RPG fanatics, as well as to the youngest of you who enjoy a rich, immersive scenario.

The turn-based battle system that maintains the series is what every classic RPG needs. His harmful elements are not enough to tarnish his value.

it is all about 5 best PC games in 2018.

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