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6 Useful Tips for Buying Smartphones

Even in the mobile market, there are tips that you can follow to be the winner! Combine what you like with what you need. Here are some useful tips to buy a mobile phone at less cost and less effort!

Record the desired features

Make a list of the basic features you want your mobile phone to have. Powerful battery, high-resolution digital camera, the excellent memory for photos and videos, big screen, Bluetooth, WiFi, internet connectivity, GPS, MMS are some of the features that might be of interest to you. Put them in a priority order and then limit them to three basic specifications. This will help you make comparisons in the later market survey.

Record your real needs 

Think about what you need from a cell phone. For example, you want it to listen to music, surf the web or use it for a specific application. Then compare your basic specifications to your real needs. It is essential to know what you are asking for, not to buy a mobile with features you will never need.

Market Research

Visit a forum and get ideas and tips for various mobile phone models. This way you will be “read” when you visit the stores to do your market research. Do not hesitate to ask the seller for anything you do not know. Your goal is to buy the right cell phone at your best price!

Search reviews on Google and YouTube

Look for the same names/models of your choices for keywords. Search for presentations, ratings, and user reviews on the Google search engine and YouTube. Real users are also buyers, they have no reason to caress any ear! You can also look back and forth for any negative reviews using similar associated keywords.

Buying a mobile from the internet

The myth, that online shopping is not safe or costing more, is now a thing of the past! The reality is that on the internet you can find outstanding deals and lower prices than in conventional stores. What you need is correct update and then it will not seem like a labyrinth. Besides money, time is also saved. Of course, always check your money back or change policy for a defective product.

Buying a used mobile

If you have lost your cell phone, it has spoiled or you generally do not want to give a lot of money for a new one, there is always the solution to look for a used one. Before you decide, you can compare the prices with the corresponding new model or a model with the same characteristics, to be sure what’s in your interest.

Company subsidy

Every year mobile operators are used to giving you the grant to keep you as a customer. This subsidy is usually used for a new mobile market at a lower price than its original one. At this point, you have to be careful and informed because they usually put the original prices of the devices higher, so you may not always be in your best interest. Perhaps a better solution would be to get the device that you want to be unlocked from a network and then choose the monthly package that suits you, as it is not always a good idea to bind for a long time with a mobile phone contract for just one device. Besides, you can get the grant to reduce the bill so you will not miss it.

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