Artificial Intelligence or (AI) in Simple Words

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was amazing in recent a few years, but it is still in the process of review, because its impact on our lifestyle, work and play is only in the early stages. And today it is properly known as narrow AI, because of its narrow performing task. In other words AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.

This amazing invention was designed for identifying images, speech, or patterns and making decisions and especially it refers to computer systems. AI can do its job faster and more properly than humans.

Artificial intelligence can do its job faster and more properly than humans.

Artificial intelligence has been widely used since 1956, including personal smartphones, navigation apps, streaming services, sharing apps, personal assistant and smart home appliances are using by five out of six American people.

In addition to the use of consumers, AI is used to plan trains, assess business risks, forecast maintenance and improve energy efficiency among many of the tasks of saving money.

In all around the world automation is a hot topic, not only because of it is great performance, but also because of potential job loss. Experts in this filed say automation will eliminate more than 73 million jobs by 2030. In the field of AI automation is creating jobs as well as eliminating humans analog jobs.

Experts predict that around 2020, more than 23 million jobs will be created in development, programming, testing, support and maintenance.

There are four types of AI Reactive Machine, Limited Memory, Theory of Mind and Self Awareness. Each type of Artificial Intelligence is specially designed for a different kind of jobs.

Final Words about Artificial Intelligence:

We all surrendered with technologies and machines, nowadays where ever we see we can find machines or technological things and most of these technological thing connected with Artificial Intelligence, from smart phone to laptops, from air conditioning machine to automotive doors, all of these and much more things that I did not named here is assembled with Artificial Intelligence technology. Artificial Intelligence architect is one such job.