Future of Next-Generation Technologies 2019

Next-generation technologies: All of us surrounded with different types of technologies, if look around yourself you can find a lot of technologies here and there.

In this century you cannot find a single place where technology is not available, but today we will talk about future of next-generation technologies.

Future of Top 3 Next-Generation Technologies of 2019
Future of Top 3 Next-Generation Technologies of 2019
First of all, we will discuss the technologies of smartphones.


Sony Xperia 2: Like Ever Sony is one of the best smartphones in the world for their camera, its next-generation technologies Sony Xperia 2 is specially designed for photography, which have built-in six cameras on its backside.

Huawei Mate 30: on 2019 October the phone is releasing with it is own mobile operating system by Huawei Mate 30, and it is one of the next generation technologies of Huawei.

Apple iPhone XI or Apple iPhone 11: on September 2019 Apple is launching their Next Generation Technologies phone Apple iPhone 11 with all new features, 5G apple chip and three cameras on its back.

Intel chip core H-10 chip

as you know in 2018 after the release of the 9th generation of core processors in both desktops and laptops.

During this year H-10 Processor is coming out to even more easy for mobility.

Before the end of this year, the H-Series next-generation technologies chip will release their H-10 optane Memory chip, for even slimmer, light and fast laptop designs.

For better and fast data transfers thunderbolt 3 connections are supported on H-10 Processors.

H-series next-generation technologies H-10 mobiles version is also designed to support optimal gaming performance.

Even you are watching movies or playing games online or offline.

Its next-generation technologies chip is designed to deliver more than 30 percent faster visual editing than the older version of their chips.


There are a lot of Next-generation technologies of laptops in the world.

But we will highlight Apple’s MacBook Pro in this topic.

Apple Mac Book Pro is launching with 16” inches 4K Screen and updated touch bar version of laptop line in June 2020; it is builtin with 9th generation Intel 8 core processors.


Mac Book Pro 2.6 GHz 8 Core 9th generation Core i7


Radeon Pro 555X

16 GB Ram

Final Words about Future of Next-Generation Technologies 2019

In this article you have read about next-generation technologies, I hope you can choose the best tech for yourself in the future when you want to buy any future tech machine.