Bionic kidney-Dialysis replacement therapy

Have you heard about the Dialysis and bionic kidney?

Yes or No.

The majority of answers will be probably no because this is the term widely used in medical field.

But today i want to write and create some short awareness about the bionic kidney and the dialysis replacement therapy.

You know you have a full functional body with different functioning organs in your body.

And when a single organ become fail and not functioning then this will create a great mess for you and your life.

The kidneys are also an organ of our body and most importantly the most important organ.

Kidneys work 24 hours a day and every second.

Kidneys have a lot of functions like filtration of the blood and and excrete some unnecessary products in our body.

So that was a quick information about the kidneys.

If you want some great information and in depth information then you can check some big medical related books and also check in google.

You will find a great information.

Today i will share some big things about a big future invention and artificial kidney update.

If you have failed kidneys in your body then you have to go through some kinds of therapy.

You have only options remaining on the table is the,

Dialysis and

Kidney transplant.

Dialysis is the artificial way to filter blood with the help of the machine.

It has some serous procedure to do for the dialysis to be done.

Dialysis is not permanent solution of the Kidney failure patients.

You have to be dependent on the machine of dialysis.

An another option is Transplant.

It means you need a donor and high class kidney surgeons to do it.

Many people can not do kidney transplant.

Because it has high cost of treatment and also a big problem to find a right donor.

Bionic kidney-Dialysis replacement therapy
Bionic kidney-Dialysis replacement therapy

Bionic Kidney becomes a hope:

Earlier 15 years ago scientists began drawing a road map to build an another option for the kidney failure patients.

This road map was based on to create a bionic kidney and start bionic kidney trials on the patients with kidney failure.

The scientists want to create a more easy step for the patient of the dialysis and create a history in the medical world.

Working hard,

will really payback.

The scientists believed that this titanium based prototype of the human kidneys will change many patient lives and will be replaced with better treatment for the kidney failure patients.

The kidney project started under the supervision of the great scientists.

The UCSF(University of California San Francisco) becomes a new hope.

Main aim of the project is to implant a small device.

The device will filter one litter of the blood in the span of one minute.

The device is composed of the silicon filter and a bioreactor of kidney tubule cells.

The filtering will done with the help of the silicon membranes.

Filtrate will contains some the Urea,Creatinine,BUN and some toxic fluids.

And also some useful nutrients for the body such as sugar,water and useful electrolytes.

There is a second round filtering and this will done with the help of the bioreactor of lab-grown cells of the type normally lining the kidney tubules.

This round of filtration will absorb the sugar water and useful electrolytes and the remaining fluid will be sent towards the bladder in form of the urine.

Scientists are not confirming that the bionic kidney will work like a normal kidney.


They are hopeful.


This device is hope of millions of Kidney failure patients around the world and more important is this device will save millions of dollars.

Expected human trials of bionic kidney:

It is expected that earlier in 2020 scientists will start a bionic kidney trials and releases in market.

If every thing goes well.

The bionic kidney cost will remain a question until,

Scientist believes that this device is OK with human use and will update the bionic kidney status to operational.

Kidney project is the hope of millions of people and everyone wants this device to release sooner.

This device will make a history and maybe a great life line of the kidney failure patients.

In last will have to say that bionic kidney will be the great invention of the medical history.