What is Bionic Kidney and how it works

In this topic you can clearly understand and get knowledge about every thing of bionic kidney.

Health is wealth a quote from a wise man.

If you are healthy and good then this world is yours but if you are not good in health and you have problems regarding your health then you will not be happy in your life because good health is the key to a successful life.

OK, that was enough for the importance of a healthy life.

Today I will tell you about a disease and the main invention of bionic kidney relating to this disease.

The disease name is Renal failure and it means that your both kidneys are become failed and now you cannot rely on your kidneys.

This is a worse situation a patient face when the doctor tells him or her about the renal failure and options on the table.

The options are very limited,

Dialysis and Transplant.

These are the options for the patient.


Now we will have the most advanced treatment also known as a bionic kidney.

Yes, thanks to the scientists and doctors working on this project and they have achieved a big success for the sake of humanity and humanity will be thankful to them.

What is Bionic Kidney?

The bionic kidney is an implantable artificial kidney a bio-engineered device which works with a high-efficiency silicon filter and a bioreactor of kidney tubule cells.

It is designed to make millions of people free from dialysis.

The dialysis is a method of filtering blood, regulates the blood chemistry and the main thing ultra-filtration within the blood is the main functions of dialysis.

But this bionic kidney will do all of these functions with the help of an array of silicon membranes.

The bionic kidney and many people call it an artificial kidney will do all functions of a normal kidney.

Who designed this life-changing invention?

The researchers from the University of San Francisco (UCSF), The University of Vanderbilt and the national institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bio-engineering (NIBIB) made this invention possible and they are very hopeful for receiving the approval of trail in the year of 2019.

This invention is life changing invention and technology prove the main reason to adopt and make it advance in many things in our life.

What is the cost of this invention?

Hopefully, the bionic kidney will cost around 30000$ To 40000$.

But let’s see when we can see this great invention available in the market available for ordinary patients and we can see the new revolution in the sector of health.

This is the most important invention for people suffering from kidney failure.

Hope is rising with the invention of bionic kidney and many patients are desperately waiting for the first human trial and success of this project.