Free toddler games and free toys for kids

Free toddler games and free toys for kids

There are a lot of toy and free toddler games for kids to play and spend their time with these things to be happy. But in this topic we will show you the best toys and free toddler games to be even more happier than ever and much glad.

In our list of the best toys and games for toddler there are 3 toys and 3 games for your toddler age kids.

Free toddler games and free toys for kids
Free toddler games and free toys for kids

Toys list

  1. Fishing Game
  2. Breaks and Lagos
  3. Doll House

Games List

  1. Talking tom Cat
  2. Subway Surfer
  3. Kids Karaoke


First of all we will introduce you with one mentioned toy from toys list.

Fishing Game


What actually fishing games is? Fishing game is not that you can play on TeleVision or any Smart Phone. It is actually that you can physically play with your friends and brothers or sisters.

With this game there are 4 sticks and 12 cent meter plastic wire on the top of the each stick. In every 5 second the fishes opens their mouths and you have to drop the wire that hawk connected on the head of the wire.

In their mouths whenever the fishes closed their mouths you have to pull the stick and catch the fish.

Anybody who caught more fishes that player is the winner of the game.

This game is really full of fun and enjoyments. Once you played this game you want more to play fishing game every day.

Breaks and Lagos

Breaks and Lagos was the best toy for toddlers from beginning. With this toy your toddler age kids can learn a lot of things.

It is actually for construction buildings, bridges, air planes and cars etc… for your kids, your kids can make their own likable toy to play with that within this amazing toy parts.

Doll House

 If your toddler age kid is a baby girl than you should buy her doll house. Because the doll houses are the favorite toys of the girls from very beginnings, even in 21st century the girls are like doll houses.

In my site of view there is no one girl that don’t like doll house,


It is suggestion for parents to always buy one doll house set for your toddlers, especially for the baby girls.


Now time is to talk about Mobile or Smart Phone Games for toddlers age kids.

Talking Tom Cat

Talking Tom Cat is the best free toddler game because new learning kids can talk to their pocket tom cat and can learn speaking fast then other kids.

Talking tom cat is very funny and best repeater game for children it is actually made for the toddlers to learn speaking better than ever.

Subway Surfer

Subway Surfer is one the games that kids love to play all the time. But this game is little bit hard then other games we mentioned above. Because in this game is there is incoming train from the front of the Character in this game, and it is coming faster in every step you go ahead. 

But your children can manage to play this game, because some time kids love to play hard games.

Kids Karaoke

This is the best game for kid to learn singing and new words, this game is musical subtitled and funny singing related game, now a day’s mostly toddler age kid playing this game and learning much better.

This game is ever in tablets of kids camping companies that a lot of children are playing and liking this.

Final words about the best toys and free toddler games.


Dear Parents in this topic you have found the best toys and free toddler games for your kids and it is really best topic for every parent to know about this or like this topics to teach their children even better. And in future we try to write better topic than this one for you to make happy your children and if you google us then you can find best in free toddler games and online free games for kids.