Future of Cars-Puncture Proof Tires

Get ready for the next generation of Cars, The future of cars is looking bright, the day is not so far when we see the cars can fly like airplanes. Same as we image in Science – Fiction movies.

Why am I saying that all?

The Michelin and General Motors says they have designed first ever airless tires for your future of cars, this tires is named Uptis and it is puncture proof, Michelin and General Motors added; in 2024 this unique tires will be launched.

What is future of Cars?

The airless tire has all full of benefits, the puncture proof tires are very impotent for every one especially for our safety on road side. Whenever we go for a long drive from one city to other cities, we always afraid for a bust or puncture of tires, but today we can feel safe with the arrival of puncture proof tires.

Future of Cars-Puncture Proof Tires
Future of Cars-Puncture Proof Tires

Is Puncture Proof Tires Good for Our safety?

Yes why not everybody asking this question.

Because with the use of puncture proof tires we van make sure that our tires are puncture proof it cannot be busted or puncture.

But off course we have to see something more about this invention.

I will explain all this points below.


We have to see the cost of the puncture proof tires because we have some economic limitations.


We have to see the main thing the compatibility of our car and the puncture proof tires, because this will be the main issue with the non-compatible cars.

So we should see what car manufacturers providing us.


We have to sure our selves hundred Percent for the safety of our lives.

And absolutely we have to make sure that we are buying puncture proof tire that will not be punctured and busted any more.

We have heard many bright things about the future of cars, but we have to see when all these things will come up in our normal life.