Gaming history-how gaming change the world?

A topic about the history of gaming from beginning till today!

Console Gaming

Gaming history-how gaming change the world?
Gaming history-how gaming change the world?


The gaming history has begun from 1940.

During this year a game Named NIM was invented by Dr. Edward Uhler Condon.

Brown Box

The first gaming system the Brown Box designed for commercial home use by Ralph Baer and his team in 1967.

The Brown Box was a gaming circuit that could be connected to the television.

And able to play with two user controllers.

This Brown Box could be programmed to play a variety of games including ping pong, chasing cubes and checkers.

One of the advanced technologies of that time was an included Light Gun that for a target shooting game used for the Brown Box console.


The inventor of Atari gaming console known as the godfather of gaming named Nolan Bushnell.

He is a founder of the company of video games in 1967 that became the first gaming company to really set the benchmark for a large scale gaming community.

The atmosphere of gaming technology sparked among players.

who could record their high scores at the top of the list of records?

Arcade Gaming

Nolan Bushnell not only developed his game-ing consoles for home users only.

But he also created a whole new industry around the Arcade Gaming in 1973, that used in Bars, Shopping malls and bowling alleys around the world.

At this point, most people would not like to get out of their houses.

For play video games they liked to play games at home with friends or their children’s.

Therefore home gaming becomes a reality.


During 1983 the first 8-Bit video game console Nintendo invented by Fusajiro Yamauchi in every few months they create a new game for customers this brilliant video game console continued about more than 15 years.


After 7 years of success of Nintendo in 1990, the Japanese company named Sega invented a 16-Bit Gaming Console the Mega Drive or Sega Genesis.

Sega was a company that changes the world of gaming into 3d. Just after the invention of (Circle Dick) CD Sega Invented one of the best inventions Sega Saturn in 1994, and this is the year of the invention of online game-ing.

After 4 Years Sega Company Invented another Gaming Console Named Sega Dreamcast, on Sega Dream cast at one time four players can play games.

Sony PlayStation

Sony PlayStation was born in December 1994; it’s the console which sold more than 100 million units for 9 years.

Sony PlayStation is a game console Company that makes millions of dollars every year.

After 5 years of successful performance of PS1 Sony Company released the PS2 console, and in every 5 years, Sony Company releases their brand new consoles like PS3 and PS4.

Sony was not just making consoles for home use only it’s a company that invented a high graphic Portable PlayStations, PSP and PSP Vita with all new features.

As we know PS3 and PS4 was released with all new technologies, that now Sony console makers announced that Sony PlayStation 5 with all new functions, accessories and games will be released in 2020.


The Microsoft Corporation was known for his best Windows operating systems before the end of 2001.

Now Microsoft is entered into game console making world, and its first console was Xbox based on Intel Pentium III CPU.

The Microsoft Corporation’s two more inventions were the Xbox 360 and Xbox One between 2005 and 2015.

Mobile Gaming

The handheld game-ing platform in 2003 rose when Nokia launched its brand new model Nokia N-Gage phone.

The Mobile games playing interest is now rising even before.

Because of new technology.

Touch system and high graphics model smartphones launched around the world.

In 2009 Apple Company shocked the world after the launch of a bigger touch screen and higher speed I Pads, for even better game-ing and office uses.

I am so glad that I shared my knowledge about game-ing history with the world of games lovers.

In the future, I will try to write some more historical articles for all interested gamers about gaming history.

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