The Greatest invention of last decade

Greatest invention is the result of the thought of the person or persons who first propose a particular process or product and solve a problem in a profession, technology, industry, and the like.

In this topic we have bring for you some interesting and the greatest invention to understand them and make our lives easy with the use of them.

The Venmo 

The concept of Venmo is super simple to understand, it is specially designed for send or transferring money to people or any bank account right away by tapping a few buttons on your smartphone. This greatest invention was launched in 2010 by university co-founders Ikram Magdon “Ismail” and Andrew Cortina, Venmo created a new way for people to make their hard works, like pay their bills or pay their rent and leave a generation behind. This amazing company, acquired by PayPal in 2015, has 40 million annual users a digital customer base larger than most major banks and expects its payload in 2020 to exceed more than hundred billion dollars.


One of the greatest inventions of last decade was the drones that helped and still it is helping people to make their lot of works easily. This amazing and greatest invention was started on sell in Amazon in summer 2016. Currently it can only fly for 2 hours and with limited distance from its main server, but in future the drones will take the place of the deliverymen and also the place of a lot of camera mans.

Same like that we have seen in movies the robots taken the place of humans, and one of those movies named the Terminator, in this movie you can clearly understand how the machines taken the place of humans. Whatever our topic is about greatest invention of last decade. And we will talk about our main topic. The Drones can do their duties in any situation and in any weather.  

Bionic Kidney

As we know the kidney failure problems are going on huge number now a day, the bioengineers are successfully designed the one of their greatest invention for the patients of the diseases called renal failure. The Bionic Kidney can work same like a genetic kidney. For more and full information about this amazing and the greatest invention click here

The Greatest Invention of Last Decade
The Greatest Invention of Last Decade