HDD or SSD which one is the best for you

HDD or SSD which one is the best for you

Today in this session we will look HDD or SSD (Hard Disc Drive or Solid State Drive) which one is the best for you and your uses or needs.

Whenever you are looking to buy laptop or desktop computer, always you want to buy that one which has upgrade options for future of easily uses of your machines.

In this topic we will talk about HDD or SSD that what are difference between these storage devices, and which one is better use.

After you read this topic till the end you will defiantly get hundred percent ideas to choose the best storage device for your computers.

Before we jump in to comparing HDD or SSD, we will take a quick look at both types of drives, to know what these technologies are.

HDD or SSD which one is the best for you
HDD or SSD which one is the best for you

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Whenever we had desktop personal computers that mostly have hard disk drive, on which that store data, files and folders or installed applications and games etc…

HDD is contains a Circle Disc (CD) that known as a platter, where your data stores in.

The spinning disc allows reading or writing data on disc as it passes. The fast Operating systems responds or load data faster because of faster platter spins.

What are IDE and SATA?

IDE is older connecting port that connects to mother board which is older connector and work slowly then SATA. But SATA and SATA III are mostly found on mother boards that enabled to transfer or read or write data on HDD.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

Solid State Drive (SSD) is the latest data storage technology which founds only on modern laptops and desktops.

The SSD is opposite of HDD it has no moving parts; it is made with NAND flash Memory. The Solid State Drive is able to have more NANDs than ever because of modern technologies, which means Solid State Drives have more capacity than Hard Disc Drives.

Many Solid State Drives comes with SATA III Ports which can easily install in any computer in place of Hard Disc Drives, but if your desktop or laptop is built with PCIe your computer will perform better with SSD, because Solid State Drives are designed for PCI compatible computers.

Differences between SSD and HDD

HDD or SSD: Space

In my site of view the storage space dos not matter it is speed and performance is mean to work better in this decade.

But if we discus about space of HDD and SSD, as the name suggests the Solid State Drives have more storage space then Hard Disc drives, because HDD is starting with 40 GBs of space and its last amount of space is available in market with 12 GBs. The other side SSD is starting with 160 GBs and as it is a new technology it is in process of upgrading, maybe in future we can see more than 50 TBs in Solid State Drives.

HDD or SSD: Price

Whenever you buy Storage drives first of all you compare the price of this. The SSD Drives are more expansive then HDD but some of these are not very expansive, like SATA III is cheaper in price then others PCIe, SSDs and M2 connector supported drives.

If you want to buy cheap drive then you have to buy Hard Disc Drive or Solid State Dive SATA III, but if you want to expend more money you have to defiantly buy SSD PCI or M2. If you cannot afford to expend a lot of money then HDD is best for you, because you can buy a large amount of GBs in cheaper price then SSD.

HDD or SSD: Speed

As we mention above the HDD is made with platters and its speed is not better than SSD, because SSD is build up with NAND chips and NAND chips are very faster than Platters.

In this topic HDD or SSD which one is best for you, we have mentioned all important points of both drives for you, to understand these better and can help you to buy the best ones for your selves. In future we will bring some interesting topics for you and your needs.