10 favorite games of our kids-Kids game play

10 favorite games of our kids

What is it that makes us so nostalgic for our children and our old games? What is it that makes us look for them, for our children to get to know them too? Their quality? Their originality?

That there were not many better alternatives to get us out of them? Yes, all of this together, and something else: that our old games gave us incomparable, unique moments of joy and entertainment that no video game can replenish today.

They gave us the opportunity to share these moments with our brothers or our good friends, and eventually become the occasion for us to build valuable memories that will follow us, beacons bright, forever.

10 favorite games of our kids

10 favorite games of our kids-Kids game play
10 favorite games of our kids-Kids game play

Because we are never happy to look back on these memories, we gathered the top ten of these games below, some of which we enjoyed inside our room and some outside of it, the streets and courtyards. We hope to take you with us on a beautiful trip back to your childhood … Kids Game

The gentleman and Mrs. Potata

Of our most favorite games, with which we spent endless, creative hours trying, in various combinations, to put noses, mouths, and ears, like other little Picasso. Imagination with this game has no limits!


With or without chalk, to define the squares in which we would jump, the lash was proof of our excellent physical condition, speed, and concentration!

Lucky children

We had worshiped for our first “babies”, which even brought with them a certificate of adoption to learn to be even more responsible moms. Have they played their role in loving motherhood?


Jumping rope

Which girl did not have a rope? And which girl had not learned to jump with it with every possible impressive figure? Our best moments, of course, were when we were playing together with the rope, the so-called “watch”.


Lighthouse Agalitsa

The most favorite doll for sweet dreams was none other than the Bright Hug, which we refused to separate even at an older age because it made us feel unbelievable security and comfort.


Another entertaining team game, in which we tested our speed and reflexes. Among us, thanks to this, we were somewhat familiar – and we girls – with basketball, do not you agree?

Patapoufa, my love

Crazy, colorful bottles, wide open eyes, and an incredibly sweet face! Patapouha is undoubtedly the most characteristic doll of our innocent childhood.


What was; A simple hose, that’s what the dressers put on sheets and curtains. It was just a bit long to have enough air to stretch out so that one or two children would jump between them, while another two kept it stretched out with their legs. So simple and yet so fun!


Barbie’s and Cindy’s grandmother brought her all the shine of a real star! Impressive clothes, intense makeup, hair wool, and a puzzling smile … This doll has opened us a small loophole in the world of big …

Statuettes shaken

The game of absolute laughter! Why could he be held back when the one who kept them approached threateningly and expediently to control every hot “frozen” pose?


They are still in circulation today!

Some of our favorite children’s toys, from those that once kept us in our room, are still circulating.

The good news comes from Hasbro’s Playskool range. In the gaming stores, then, you will find:

The co. and Ms. Potato, more refreshed than ever, for the interactive and creative fun of children from 2 years of age! By creating funny smiles and learning how to combine and match places, kids learn how to develop their kinetic and creative skills.

And the Bright Hug, who, beyond a bright face, now has soft music for your sweet baby’s lullaby! With 6 different sweet melodies and 3 different modes (lit only – short or long music), it will help your baby tighten with him and develop a sense of security and comfort. Kids game

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