Operating System – Linux Operating System Free Download

Linux Operating System is everywhere now a days. If you look around yourself you can find Linux OS in every second electronic machine.

The Smart Phones, Cars, Super Computers, Home Desktops, Enterprise and Home Appliances are Operating via Linux OS.

Linux OS is around us from middle of 90’s. Mostly super computers and world’s stock exchanges are also operating with linux OS.

Getintopc’s Linux OS is same like all other operating systems like Windows, iOS, Mac OS. One of the most popular OS in the world is Android. And the Android operating system is also powered by Linux.

Operating System - Linux Operating System Free Download

What is OS, Operating System?

Operating system is an Software that manage all your computer’s (laptop, desktop, smartphones, AI, etc…) hardware resources associate.in simple words without OS the hardware would not functions or work at all.

We suggest you Linux 4.6 that is one of the best OS for your machines. With this amazing operating system your machine will be fast and works best ever you thought.

The Getintopc‘s Linux operating system’s Linux 4.6 was released on 1st September 2019. Linux 4.6 is not heavy operating system that makes slow your machine. With Linux 4.6 your machine will be soft and feels like velvet touch.


The minimum requirement for using Linux 4.6 is:

CPU: 1 GHz processor

RAM: 1 Giga Bite

STORAGE: 8 Giga Bite

VISUAL: VGA 1024×768 resolution screen

About Linux 4.6

Some useful information about Linux 4.6 for users who wants to download:

File Name: Linux-lite-4.6-64bit.iso

Size: 1.4 Giga Bite – on DVD or USB

Base: Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS

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Click here if you are looking for UEFI File Download


Final Words

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