Newspaper and technology-How technology advances

Today everyone is talking about technology and advancement of technology in every field but today we will talk about the newspaper and technology.

If you go back and see many years ago.

The world was relying on newspaper for everything.

Like news,reviews,latest updates and many times for games.

I used games because there were many games presented by newspapers for the enjoyment and refreshment of the readers.

The newspapers were the source of everything because you don’t have any other source to go through and become more update about everything.

But today world changes a lot and there are many ways to look into.

We are in the era of technology and today’s modern technology is changing very fast.

Newspaper and technology in term of history:

History tells us many things that we didn’t see in the past and might be we were not present at that time to observe many things.

But thanks to technology.

Today i am writing this blog and many will read this blog when i will hit the publish button.

And once again thanks to technology.

Technology is the master mind of every thing if you see many things are going good with the help of technology.

OK let’s be in the subject of my blog and talk about precise points of the blog topic.

Today if you want to know about something just like news,reviews and everything.

You don’t need to wait and worry about this.

Because when you pickup your phone then you have everything about the world.

I mean every news,reviews and update about everything.


This was not possible 50 to 60 years ago.

People of that time were relying heavily on the newspaper and they were updated only if they were able to read newspaper.

I know some people will say about television sets.

But frankly this is not possible to have your television sets in your pocket with you.

But you were able to roll a newspaper and make your daily stuff with the rolled newspaper.

What does it mean?

It means that the only easy source was newspaper at that time.

Today technology is more advanced.

we have many things in our pocket and we can use it at any time when we want to use.

Can we adopt the newspaper in today’s world:

Yes why not you can adopt this habit because you have the rights to do.

We can see many people is also concerned today to choose news paper over technology.

Because they thinks that this is a good source of updating.

but we have to confess that.

This thinking is very low and people are looking for newest technology to adopt.

Many big companies and big branded names.

which all have authority and brand in market are providing us with the news and reviews from all over the world.

Companies like Google the tech giant made the job easier in term of everything.

We have social media gang like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Reddit and many more.

They are all providing the value to readers community.

But i think today somehow many people are confused,

What to choose between newspaper and technology and this is up to you.

Because you can decide how to react and decide what to choose between newspaper and technology.