Next Generation Gaming Consoles

If you are upgrading from a last generation consoles to the Next Generation Gaming Consoles, I suggest you to get some information about specification and quality of your new buying console.

There is a lot of gaming consoles in the world but at my side of view there are only two best gaming consoles in the galaxy.

The first one is SONY PlayStation and the other one is XBOX.

First we will talk about Sony PlayStation and its next generation gaming consoles.

Sony PlayStation is one of the best and high quality graphic, designs, controlling and great specification gaming consoles.

Sony PlayStation making company has announced that in 2020 our next generation gaming console will be release, with best games like ever.

Same as Sony PlayStation now XBOX has too announced their next generation gaming console, on same year 2020.

As all you game lovers know PlayStation and Xbox both have created best games for you.

We wish you to have best games from both these next generation gaming consoles.

Difference Between PC and Consoles

Let’s me tell you some thing more about specification of consoles specially about next generation of gaming consoles.

All the gaming consoles have Ram, Storage, Graphics and Operating System. It is same like computer as your are using normally.

In computers your installing Windows Macintosh or you are using nexus operating systems. In consoles they had created their own operating system like a data base that only support its related things.

Same as like in computer if you have not installed a driver of any connectable accessories you can not use that in it, after you had installed it then you can able to use that all accessories.

Apposite of that in consoles YOU ARE NOT ABLE to use extra accessories other than consoles operating system gave them authority, like gaming controller , universal serial bus storage , hard disc drive, it’s own cameras that only work with consoles.

There are a lot of games your are unable play into your computers! Because of not supporting ram, graphic, GPU and CPU.

Because of not supporting ram, graphic or GPU and CPU.

Consoles are specially invented for gaming that’s why all games can run Easily in all of that.

OK friends now I am going tell you about specifications of next generation gaming consoles, in this topic I have collected only two gaming consoles specification, in my next topic I will bring some more in formations about more new and latest gaming consoles.

Next Generation Gaming Consoles Specification:-

Third Generation 8-core AMD Ryzen CPU built with 7-nanometer Zen 2 microarchitecture

A 4-terflop GPU

8K TV support

(DIGR) Dramatically Improved Graphics Rendering

Broadband SSD

Ray Tracing support

3D audio

XBOX one X:-

8-core CPU

A 4-terflop GPU


12GB of RAM

DirectX Ray Tracing support

3D Sound output system

Supporting all Xbox games 

Final Words:-

There you will find a lot of articles in different kinds of websites about Next Generation gaming Consoles.

You have to get best knowledge! about next generation gaming consoles if you are buying new gaming console.

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