Npav: 10 Ways Npav Can Improve Your Business


NPAV is a strong antivirus and internet security system to protect your business from any potential attack and threat from viruses and malware. It ensures complete safety for the user when connected to the internet. NPAV Total Security is considered as one of the best antivirus brands available in the Indian market.

For one, it provides overall security to the business from all kinds of viruses, spyware, malware, and bugs, which are hiding in the pen drives, compact disks, floppy disks, and other such data storage and transfer devices. If not treated, these viruses can damage your business systems causing massive losses of data, revenue, and man-hours.   

This antivirus software provides essential security to your business assets and eliminates any glitches or viruses that are threatening your network and operating system. It ensures complete protection to your company’s identity, classified information, and data and optimizes your operating system, company’s performance, and security.

NPAV is a strong antivirus
NPAV is a strong antivirus

Technical Specifications

NPAV comes with the following technical specifications:

  • Organization type: SMEs, Enterprise, Mid markets, Startups
  • No. of employees: 1-10, 11-15, 16-200, 201-500, 501-1000, 1001- 5000
  • Supported platforms: Windows
  • Deployment:  Web-based, Perpetual
  • Suitable for: All industries
  • Language: English

10 Reasons NPAV Can Improve Your Business

NPAV is one of the best antivirus systems available in the Indian market. There are many reasons why you need to deploy NPAV, including the following:

1) Protection against Viruses

Most people are aware of the term “Virus”, but not so much aware of how they operate. Viruses are very destructive in nature. They are programmed to destroy and damage your essential IT assets for the business. They infect and replicate crucial business programs in your system.

Left unattended for long, viruses can damage your system permanently. These use bemusement method, which makes them extremely difficult to detect. Such viruses require a specific type of antivirus system such as NPAV to remove them effectively and completely.

2) Safeguard against Malware

Malware and Spywares are a kind of spies that can access your businesses’ sensitive information and classified data. They can be extremely harmful to your business integrity. They can obtain sensitive credentials such as passwords, Login IDs and other personal information that can run havoc on your business processes.

NPAV is specially designed to remove and prevent any kind of suspicious malware activity which can violate your privacy. It provides 360-degree protection and maintains your business integrity.

3) Security from Trojan Attack

The trojan is a malicious computer program that uses deception tactics to trick the user. It hacks the computer system and damages important files and information. It is mainly spread through the social network, which makes it extremely difficult to detect. The main issue with Trojans is that it often resembles as authentic and legitimate software. Just clicking on an unknown link or opening an email attachment can invite Trojan to access your files and accounts.

NPAV is tailored in such a manner that it helps you to detect these Trojans which comes in the guise of authentic software. It alerts you from opening any spam link, attachment or website ensuring overall security to your business.

4) File Sharing Protection

Many organizations or enterprises participate in file-sharing through USB drives, external hard disks and other file sharing mediums. These mediums are extremely likely to spread viruses. Once, enter your systems, these viruses and malware proliferate and destroy your IT systems at an exponential rate.

NPAV scans all removable file sharing mediums upon first access. It halts any malicious program such as Trojan, malware or spyware from accessing and damaging your business integrity. NPAV security allows users to share any kind of crucial information among other stakeholders and employees.

5) Improves Online Security by Providing Proactive Defense against Email Viruses

NPAV provides two-lane security by scanning all incoming and outgoing emails within and between the company networks. It scans and analyzes the email components for any malicious object and encrypted file to detect anything suspicious. NPAV initiates scanning on system startup and intercepts inbound emails before it compromises your business security.

Now, you can maintain and improve your business relationships without any security-related concern.

6) Provides Real-Time Tailored Protection

NPAV offers real-time protection to its users. It is available in different packages to suit your different security needs. It automatically eliminates suspicious codes which you can never detect on your own. NPAV offers on-demand scanning of programs and files in order to detect any malicious object before it infects your system and damages your business management.

It does not allow any suspicious entity to violate your business privacy which can negatively affect your business reputation.

 7) Provides System Diagnostic Reports

It provides regular system diagnostic reports in the form of statistical data and graphs for easy comprehension. This security system provides companies with useful configuration details such as hardware issues, response timings, performance ratings, and other technical points.

These details are very important for the business to avoid any kind of breakdown in its machinery. NPAV also provides a suggestion to fix such issues, which optimizes the execution of business processes.

8) Reduces Internet Expenditure

Spyware and malware generates a lot of unnecessary internet traffic which directly escalates your internet bill. Your system will never experience smooth internet connectivity unless these ‘wares’ are eliminated. You will keep on paying huge internet bills without even using the data.

NPAV eliminates such malware and allows the user to experience smooth internet connection while also eliminating wasteful expenditure on internet usage.

9) Blocks Ads and Spam Websites

It automatically blocks unnecessary advertisements. Most of the viruses and spyware are executed from these frequent pop-up ads and spam websites. The main intention behind these pop-up ads and spam websites is to steal your classified data causing you immense financial and data loss.

10) Prevents Phishing Attacks

Phishing is an unauthorized attempt by hackers or any third party to gain access to your system. The main objective behind hacking is to infect the data so that it becomes unusable for you. NPAV provides complete security to the system against hackers and phishing attacks. It eliminates any kind of data breach and secures your confidential data.