Padrone Ring the coolest computer mouse ever

Padrone Ring is the coolest computer mouse ever. It is very beautiful and easy using mouse like a laptop mouse, but it’s wearable and works on your fingertips. With this amazing invention your disk or anywhere you put on hand becomes your mouse.

You can use this coolest computer mouse as a normal Wear Ring ever where you want. Its looks like a normal ring, but its features are amazing. You can even play any game on your computer via this amazing invention.

Easy Uses of Padrone Ring

Padrone Ring is normally used like a laptop mouse on everything and every surface, but you just have to use your two fingers, the middle and index finger.

Crosser Movement

When you are using your index finger withhold touched it runs crosser and when you once click like on laptop mouse it clicks.

Roll Wheel

With middle finger padrone ring clicks right click, when you use to move your both fingers index and middle fingers together simultaneously up and down it scroll screen and can be used in place of roll wheel.


The Padrone Ring can only connect with your computer via Bluetooth, this coolest computer mouse is no required any software installation or driver installation, just connect it to any personal Computer or Mac.

Now a days mostly computers have built in Bluetooth device, but if your computer is older version and did not have Bluetooth device built in you can use its own universal serial bus Bluetooth, which designed to connect faster with Padrone Ring.

The Padrone Ring is also able to use on all android devices.

If you are interested and want to use this and like this more inventions like this coolest computer mouse you can buy them on amazon.