Technical blogging in 2019-technical blogging

TBlogging is a career for those who wants to achieve something different and something big with the power of bogging and the main thing is technical blogging.

Ok lets assume you want to start a blog then what should you choose and what would you select a niche for this.

I really want to know from you because your niche and interest matters a lot for every blogging field.

Are you ready to create some new ideas and might be some mind locker formulas.

Many bloggers like Neil Patel and Harsh Agarwal started from zero and made it in a short span of time.

These bloggers made the day of many newbies and beginners who wants to start a new blog.

If you want to see their history of work and want to see some good motivation then you should go to their websites and learn their about us page and the main thing is that this is not a commercial thing and sponsored thing that am doing right now.

This is pure for motivation because some newbies and beginners want some motivation and want good and straight towards their place.

tech blog 219
tech blog 219

Things you need before starting a technical blogging:

Technical is a vast field for bloggers because if you want to make a blog and start posting some stuff about technical related things and started to write about technical startups and all other things then you should know first how to blog about technical stuff and technical proverbs.

Yes if you are not the one who is good in this field then you should be able to make yourself good and very talented technical blogger.

You should know about skills related to technical blogging.

The points made by you should have some impact on technical industry and you should be able to make some valid points regarding your niche.

Is there any special thing in 2019 regarding technical blogging?

Yes there are many things waiting for you in 2019 regarding technical blogging.

Google really giving a lot of attention to real and authentic technical bloggers because today there is a big population relying on Google for the information about everything.

In fact if someone has a sleeping problems and depression he or she rely on Google for authentic information and the main thing is for technical purposes it becomes imminent.

If you write good and wisely about everything regarding tech related stuff then Google also will help you to gain the first slot on the first page of the Google search engine.

Your writing stuff matters a lot for Google and many other search engines because you can make it possible only by writing some useful things.

Technical blogging is not an easy job:

Yes technical blogging is not an easy job because you have to learn first and then do it practically in your blogging career.

I am not demotivating you because you can do it with good skills but the main thing is you have to be wise and kind with your profession.

Technical blogging become very easy for you if you learn the art of doing blogs in a technical way.


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