Technology in next 20 years-Future of technology

Technology is playing a very important role in our life.

we are bounded in many technological boundaries.

But we have to think about technology future and, how technology will transforms in coming 20 years.

As a student and technology researcher.

I have my own thoughts about transformation of technology.

I will share my thoughts with you in three different headings and different titles.

Technology in next 20 years-Future of technology
Technology in next 20 years-Future of technology

What will be the technology in 20 years for me:

Today i am writing my blog with the help of my computer.

This is very helpful to me because i can reach people with my writing skills.

But can i assume what will be transformation of computer in next 20 years?

This is not a tough question because we know many supercomputers in industry already working.

And i think after 20 years i will be holding a super computer in my hands and going to my office.

This is a dream really…

No i don’t think so because many scientists are working on this project to make supercomputers for personal usage.

So this was about computers.

Let’s come towards super flying cars in future.

I can see in futures many cars will be flying in the skies and many will take a flight with their cars.

Yes this is not a joke.

Companies like Tesla with multi millions budget for this project are working for the future of flying cars.

Of Course the we can see flying cars very soon in the skies.

We can see some quick examples after 2020.

Technological warfare in next 20 years:

Technological will be increase in next 20 years.


Because of tough competitions between rival companies.

Every company wants their product and brand on the top of the spot.

Let’s take an example:

We know google very well and everybody the importance of google search engine.

Google is earning billions in advertising.

If we see a strong competitor in future.

Stronger and managed then google so what will be the scenario.

I think we can see a huge fight in term of technology.

Technology for Humanity in next 20 years:

Technology for humanity is very important for every human around the word.

We know that technology has many advantages for humanity.

We can see in many forms the advantages of technology.

But what will be the disadvantages of technology for humanity?

Radioactive rays:

we all know about radioactive rays and its destructive nature.

Increasing number of radioactive rays are being detected with increase number of technological systems.

As a researcher we have many problems regarding our ecosystem.

These radioactive rays are damaging our ecosystem and our health also.

Global warming and Technology:

World has a lot of problems and the most important problem is global warming we have big issues like war,nuclear weapons and many more.

But global warming is very difficult situation for everyone.

Technology could be the most big disaster for our ecosystem.

So technology could hurt our planet and our beautiful world in next 20 years.

I know technology is very important but we have to see the other side of the coin because we have to live here and make our world most beautiful place.


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