Top 10 free educational games for kids-Kids games

Top 10 free educational games for kids: Educational games are used mostly in preschools for kids to teach about different subjects like math and English words. In this Technological era, games became part of the syllabus. Kids like to learn from games. All types of games are available on the internet for kids. Parents also teach their kids from online gaming. Online games became a charm for everyone. For this purpose, a lot of educational apps are used for preschools like preschool Arcade, Alphabet Flashcard, A parcel of courage and many more.

Top 10 free educational games for kids-Kids games
Top 10 free educational games for kids-Kids games

Types of Educational Games

Reading Eggs

This game is called a full educational game for kids. Reading egg is the best online learning game for preschool kids. Kids enjoy a lot during this game due to its sound and golden eggs.

Seahorse Chronicles

This is counting game for kindergarten and preschool. In this game, sea horse will shoot 10 numbers of bubbles. Kids will have to eat these 10 numbers correctly to move next round.


This is an adding and subtracting game. This game will help kids to improve math skills.

Alpha baby races

Kids loved to play this game. In this game, the baby will choose the correct alphabet to fill in the blanks and win the race.

Best math friends

This is word problem game. Different animals are shown in this game and they give answering word problems besides and subtraction.


This is a straightforward game of alphabets. Just letters are given and sound will play, the kid will have to touch that word.

Bash a number or letter

Numbers or letters will appear on the screen and when you will hear the voice or sound of letter or word, just use a digital hammer and if you will do all 35 round, get a gold medal. It’s straightforward and exciting game for children.

Art Pad

This is a great online art game. This game is commonly used in preschools. As the name indicated this is about art game where your kid can draw a painting.


School teachers approve all games on ABCya. Teachers and parents consider these ABCya games are conducive for learning of preschools.


Shapes is also a learning game for kids. There are 2 rounds of this game. Fist listen to the name of the shape and then identify the shape. If you can clear these 2 rounds you can printout gold medal certificate.

Benefits of educational games

In very early stage preschool kid learn a lot of things. He or she can teach Alphabet, counting, color identifications, fruit names, parts of body name and many more. Expect these above games (Top 10 free educational games for kids) a lot of educational games are found on the internet. This is also helpful for parents. They can teach their kid at home.

When we look back like 20 or 30 years ago. These types of technologies were not available and kids enjoyed outdoor games. At that time teaching of kids was challenging. A lot of time was given to a kid to learn how to write Alphabets etc.

But know it became easy. Go to any Educational game site. Open this website you will get a lot of kids educational games. Just click and any type of game which you want to watch your kid can run online. Not only words pictures are also available with beautiful colors and these types of animation attract a lot a preschool child and learn hurry.

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