what is technology?tech info for beginners

what is technology

What is Technology?

What is technology?everyone wants the answer of this question that what is technology?

And today i want to answer all your questions about technology and what is it about?

In general terms technology helps us to reduce our efforts for doing hard works and hard jobs.

Technology itself helps us to to make a tough job easier and more easier.

If you see many technological systems helps the humans to make easier tough jobs for them.

I Am using computer and doing blogging.

This is technology.

Iam driving car to reach my post and place.

This is technology.

And many more like this.

We can do good works with the help of energy and do our jobs easier with the help of technology.

I think many have found their answers about what is technology?

what is technology

Is technology helps us?

Yes in many terms and in many ways technology is helping us to do our job.

Technology helps us in many ways and in many places.

We can do with the help of technology many things which were impossible in past.

It means technology helps us to covert impossible in possible things.

so what do you think?

This is the best way to describe technology.

Yes i think this is the best definition to describe energy and to know about technology.

What is technology in next 10 years?

What is technology in next 10 years will be changed in very simple question.


Because we are growing and exploring in terms of technology.

Today many companies wants to explore space and want to go to mars.

we have many companies like Elon musk’s Tesla and many more.

Tesla is providing its services in terms of electric cars and many more for better usage of technology.

So technology is helping us in every field of our life and it is exploring day by day in many better ways.

And i think this is a better answer for many of those who wants to know what is technology?




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